What Is Considered Perfect Blood Pressure?

What is “perfect” blood pressure? Many people may answer 120/80, meaning that diastolic readings should be 80 and systolic readings should be 120. Bpmonitoradvisor: best blood pressure monitors are the best to measure. However, very few people actually find that their numbers are exactly 120 over 80. If they do, they are likely to notice that they will be different when the are under more or less stress, or when the have just recently exercised. Even simply standing up can change your blood pressure.

Perfect Blood PressureIn reality, there is no “perfect” blood pressure. Some people naturally stay slightly below 120/80, while others tend to be a little bit above this line. This does not mean they are unhealthy; rather, it is likely just their natural set point based on factors such as their build, age, race, activity level, and genetics. Numbers that are significantly higher or lower (as determined by a professional) can, however, be cause for concern. In this case, certain lifestyle changes may be made to remedy this.

It is important to remember that numbers slightly above 120/80 are not a death sentence. This could be due to a particularly stressful day at work. When you de-stress and get back into a normal routine, you will likely see your blood pressure go back to your normal levels.

Also important to know is that very low blood pressure can be dangerous, too. Extremely low blood pressure, or hypotension, can be a sign of hemorrhaging or allergic reactions. As a result, weakness and even fainting may occur. This is typically the result of a sudden, dramatic drop in blood pressure. Chronic low blood pressure could indicate dehydration, endocrine disorders, septicemia (infection), heart issues, or undernourishment.

While there is no “perfect” blood pressure, there are guidelines that can indicate potentially dangerous conditions in a human being. Blood pressure should be monitored regularly by a doctor so that unhealthy patterns in your normal blood pressure can be spotted and dealt with accordingly.

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